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MHF Test Lab

Accredited tests of alcohol measurement devices

Within the Vision Zero of traffic safety, there is constant work for improvement, in Sweden as well as internationally. MHF contributes to this development by raising the quality of the efforts made within the field of promoting sobriety in traffic. MHF set up the MHF Test Lab to become even more influential and to spread facts and knowledge about quality in the work of promoting sobriety in traffic. MHF Test Lab offers qualified services within the field of alcohol measurement devices.

Our business concept

MHF Test Lab offers testing of alcohol measurement devices to producers, authorities, organizations, transport buyers and private users of alcohol interlocks and hand-held measurement devices. We are characterized by impartiality, unique expertise and innovative problem solving achieved through long experience.

MHF Test Lab is accredited by Swedac for certification according to ISO 17025.

Tests of alcohol interlocks and alcometers

We offer developmental and prototype testing of alcohol interlocks and alcometers. MHF Test Lab is accredited by Swedac for CENELEC’s and CEN’s European standards for alcohol interlocks and alcohol measurement devices:
  • EN 50436-1 Alcohol interlocks - Test methods and performance requirements - Part 1: Instruments for drink-driving-offender programs
  • EN 50436-2 Alcohol interlocks - Test methods and performance requirements - Part 2: Instruments having a mouthpiece and measurement breath alcohol for general preventive use
  • EN 15964:2011 Breath alcohol test devices other than single use devices - Requirements and test methods

Consumer tests

We can perform consumer tests of all alcohol interlocks and alcometers on the market.

Access Controls with alcohol measurement devices

MHF Test Lab develops and implements two different types of alcohol measuring devices for access controls:
  1. A very fast, contactless alcohol measurement with IR systems without a detachable mouthpiece. Areas of use: Ferries, terminals, and events with large crowds where a great capacity for measurement is required during a very limited period of time.
  2. A fuel cell-based, mouthpiece-free system. Areas of use: Campgrounds and contexts with a low frequency of visitors and little time pressure.

Calibration solutions

MHF Test Lab markets and sells test and calibration solutions for calibration and control of alcohol measuring devices such as alcohol interlocks and alcometers. An exact measurement requires a correct calibration solution produced according to an accredited method of alcohol determination. MHF Test Lab is accredited for this.


Tomas Jonsson, CEO MHF Test Lab
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MHF Test Lab
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