Standards for alcolocks

The current EU standards for alcolocks are as follows:

SS-EN 50436-1 Alcohol interlocks - Test methods and performance requirements - Part 1: Instruments for drunk-driving-offender programmes

SS-EN 50436-2 Alcohol interlocks - Test methods and performance requirements - Part 2: Instruments having a mouthpiece and measuring breath alcohol for general preventive use
The standards have been drawn up by CENELEC (the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation).

Alcolock products must come up to standard

When procuring alcolocks, we recommend that, as well as the specific requirements or user needs that you have for the alcolocks based on your own business/company/organisation, you should also require the alcolocks to meet the current standard SS-EN 50436-2. In the procurement process, it is easiest to simply refer to the approved standard by its SS-EN number and name. It is important that anyone purchasing alcolocks also requires certification of testing carried out by an independent laboratory that meets ISO/IEC 17025.

Testing status for different alcolocks

The standards listed above were adopted in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Since then, the producers of alcolocks have started the process of having their products approved in line with the relevant standard. Such a process takes a long time, often at least a year.

Until the alcolock manufacturers carry out tests on their instruments in accordance with the new standards, MHF recommends the following for purchasers and procurers of alcolocks:
  • Check whether the alcolock supplier will be carrying out tests of the product in question against the relevant standard.
  • Request a report on the test results (whether a pass or a fail) once testing against the standard has been completed. Set a time limit for this as a condition of procurement.
  • Click here to see how far various products have come in their testing.

MHF Test Lab

MHF runs its own laboratory for testing alcolocks according to the CENELEC standard. We are accredited by Swedac (the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment).
Read more about the MHF Test Lab.
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