About alcolocks

An alcolock is a technical product that prevents a vehicle from being started if the driver has been drinking.

The alcolock is an immobiliser that is connected to the vehicle. Before the vehicle is started, the driver blows into the alcolock, which determines whether there is alcohol on the person’s breath. If the driver is under the influence of alcohol (over the legal limit of 0.2 parts per thousand), the ignition is locked so that the vehicle cannot be started.

The alcolock needs to have anti-manipulation technology to check that it is actually a person blowing.

The alcolock not only stops drunk driving – it also acts as a tool for public health. Using alcolocks helps to raise awareness of personal alcohol consumption.

In Sweden, alcolocks are primarily used in three areas: Conditional driving licence withdrawal, Quality assurance of transport services and Private.

An alcolock measures alcohol using one of three methods: Infra red, Fuel cell or Semiconductor.
The alcolocks sold in Europe have to meet certain EU standards.

MHF is the organisation in Sweden that takes a broad view of alcolocks. MHF is lobbying for these devices to be installed in all vehicles, quite simply because it saves lives.

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