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Alcolocks in English

A breath alcohol ignition interlock device (alcolock) is a breathalyser that prevents a vehicle from being started if the driver has been drinking. The driver blows into a mouthpiece and their breath is then tested for its alcohol content. If the level exceeds the legislated BAC level, the vehicle will not start. An alcolock always has technology to ensure that it cannot be manipulated.

Many people die and even more are severely injured every year due to drunk driving. Alcolocks prevent a driver under the influence of alcohol from heading out onto the roads and thus save lives.

MHF is the organisation in Sweden that takes a broad view of alcolocks. MHF is lobbying for alcolocks in all vehicles, as a strong contribution to the Vision Zero – to bring road deaths and injuries down to zero in the long term.

An alcolock must work perfectly every time. In order to quality assure alcolocks, MHF has therefore started its own professional test lab, where all the functions are subjected to exhaustive testing. The MHF Test Lab is Sweden’s only laboratory specialising in alcohol measurement. We are testing alcolocks from around the world, as well as other equipment for measuring alcohol levels.

We also provide purchasing advice with our product reviews helping you to choose the alcolock that works best for your area of use.

MHF is represented in CENELEC (the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation). Alcolocks available in Sweden should meet CENELEC’s standards.

Alco gates in harbours

Right now we are waiting for the government´s new positive decision on automatic sobriety checkpoints in several Swedish harbours. The indication is that up to 23 harbours will have the alco gates.

We have completed two test periods in Gothenburg and Stockholm which ended in late 2015. The results was very clear. The gates are much needed.
Information about the alco gates is given to each passenger at check in and also on board. This has a preventive effect and should reduce the number of drunk drivers over time.

For more information on alco gates:

This is a movie about the alco gates in the port of Stockholm. This movie has English subtitles.

This is a movie about the implementation of alco gates in the port of Gothenburg. This movie has English subtitles.

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